The 2018 Championship will be run on the following dates, subject to weather conditions 

25.3.18.                Northampton

2.4.18.                  Luton

8.4.18.                  Northampton

7.5.18.                  Luton

15.7.18.                Luton

27.8.18.                Luton

2.9.18.                  Northampton

30.9.18.                Luton

14.10.18.              Northampton


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Expert  Junior  Over 40  Over 50  Val Webb Junior  Val Webb Expert  Over 60

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Classes will be Expert, Junior, Allcomers Over 40, Junior Over 50 and Junior Over 60.

 A rider can only win an award in one Class in the main Centre Championship, which must be nominated at their first race of the Championship.

The Over 40 Class becomes open to Allcomers over the age of 40, the Over 50 and Over 60 Classes are only open to Junior riders, these races may be run within the Junior B races if there are inadequate entries to justify them racing separately.  To take part in the Over 40/Over 50/Over 60 Championships a rider must attain the relative age by the date of the first Championship Meeting.

 Expert races may be run with Junior A Group at the organisers discretion.

 All Regulations to be published in The Sporting Motorcyclist.

 All riders are eligible to ride, but to receive points they MUST be a full member of a South Midland Centre Club, Club Day  Members are not eligible for Championship points.

 1 round will be dropped.

 If a tie occurs on the total number of points scored on the day, it will be resolved on highest place in the last race.  

If a tie occurs on the total number of points at the end of the Championship it will be resolved as follows :

  1. In favour of the rider gaining the greater number of first places, or if this fails to decide a tie, then in favour of the rider gaining the greater number of second places and so on, down to last place.
  2. Any tie not resolved in (1) shall then be decided by the highest place in the last race of the Championship, then the second and so on.

 A rider must complete 50% of a race to score points in the Championship.

A rider cannot drop any race from which they are disqualified, for breach of the Rules.

 Points will be awarded on overall positions – 45 for 1st, 42 2nd, 40 3rd, 38 4th, 37 5th down to l point

 Awards :

In addition to Trophies down to sixth place in each class the Overall winners in the Over 40 and Over 50 Classes will each receive 1st £100, 2nd £50, 3rd £30, 4th £20. Overall winners in the Expert and Junior A Classes will receive 1st £200, 2nd £100, 3rd £60 and 4th £40.  The Winner of the Over 60 Class will receive a Trophy.

Melanie Bird - MX Recorder