MX Photo Gallery  and Jim Laurie Winners

We hope you enjoy seeing the pictures on this website, some old, some new, which are a mixture of images sent in by members and others professionally taken by Andy Tindle and Chris Valentine at . Thanks to them for allowing us to publish them here.



Alfie Best - Auto - Kensworth Team Member  Club placed 3rd in National Team MX


                         Kensworth Under 35's in Team Event - Rob & Matt Wood, Aiden Maloney, Kyle Creevy


Kensworth 2018 Team placed 3rd



Michael McClurg  Expert Champion                                     Paul Atkinson Junior Champion

Val Webb Expert Champion


Tony Leishman Over 40's Champion                               Greg Cox Over 50's Champion


Nigel Miller Over 60's Champion                                   Sam Harwood Val Webb Junior Champion



Michael McClurg Expert and Val Webb Champion


Callum McClurg Val Webb Junior Champion                 


Connor Dickens Junior Champion                                   Fraser Law Over 50's Champion


Tony Leishman Over 40's Champion                              Nigel Miller Over 60's Champion


Michael McClurg 2016 MX Expert                                                           and Val Webb Expert Winner


Callum McClurg Val Webb Junior Winner 2016                              Fraser Law Over 50's Winner 2016


Tony Leishman Over 40's Winner 2016                           Nigel Miller Over 60's Winner 2016


        Dale Raynor - 2012 Expert MX Champion                       Nigel Miller - 2012 Over 50's Champion

Ryan Griffiths (Flyin' Ryan) has won the SM Centre Expert Championship 7 times, a record number of wins in this Championship. The first occasion was in 1991 and the last time in 2010


   Tony Leishman - 2012 Over 40's Chamption              Dave Curtis British Champion in the 50's         

 Alex Fountain - 2012 Junior MX Champion                Freddie Mayes     

John Underwood in his early scrambling days and later after taking up Grass Track Racing.
John won the Centre GT  500cc Championship in 1976, 350cc in 1977 and the 250cc in 1990

Freddie Mayes - MX Expert Champion 1972-1976  Mick Curtis - MX Expert Champion 1964 & 1965


Brian Ayres - MX Pre 65 & Over 50's Champion 1999 2000 2003

      Harland Cook - ACU 2013 250cc Champion ACU 350cc & 500 cc 2015 Champion                                                                             


                                                                       Simon Wigg (Brother of Julian & Uncle to Alexz)

                                        5 times World Long Track Champion 2 times British Speedway Champion 

                                                               plus a host of other Championship titles

            Julian Wigg in Grass Track mode                                          Colin Moram Road Racing

            SM President Colin Moram - Scrambling                                Colin on his Matchless Trials Bike



Arthur Sweby - Grass Track Centre Champion         
350cc 1934 and 250cc 1957                                          


Vice President Colin Sweby at Castle Colchester   Colin Sweby & Rob Price at Leatherhead 1982
National Championships 1970 (No 27)  Colin was 500cc Champion 3 times and won the 350cc 
Championship 7 times

                                              Photographs from Brackley Festival of Motorcycling 2013


Bill Gwynne Welsh Scrambles Champion 1957               Flyin' Ryan in mid air above his twin daughters
and 1958, Dave Curtis 500cc ACU British Champion                           
in the 50's, and on the end Steve How SM Centre   
Expert Champion in 1980


2  No 81's - left Brian Ayres on Pete Griffiths Goldie     Steve How on his Husky leads Brian Ayres on 
next to Pete on his Victor                                                  John Underwood's Bultaco


                                                                  More Centre Champions        


Steve How - 1980 Expert Champion                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


                                                                            Brian Stonebridge on his Greeves - Brian was SM Trials 

                                                                                                    Champion in 1958   

                                                                                        South Midland Centre Youth Riders



                                                 Peterborough Junior Auto Championship Winners 2013                                                    

                                                                                                         John Harding C of C Peterborough Junior 201                            





James Russell MX Expert Champion                                              Darren Flitney MX Junior Champion   


Tony Leishman Over 40's Champion      Steve Gilbey Over 50's Champion




James Russell 2014 Expert Champion                                            Tony Leishman 2014 Over'40's Champion


David Flitney 2014 Junior Champion &                                             Steve Gilbey  2014 Over 50's Champion

Val Webb Junior Champion


Simon Wyse 2014 Val Webb Expert Champion


Motocross 2014 Championship Presentation hosted by the Northampton Club courtesy of Gez Scott


James Russell - Expert Champion 2014                          David Flitney - Junior & Val Webb Champion 2014


Tony Leishman - Over 40's Champion 2014                     Steve Gilbey - Over 50's Champion 201


John Coles Chairman, John Chatterton Ross FIM, Colin                      Life Vice President receiving ACU Medal of Honour
Moram President, Terry Golds Secretary at presentation of long      on behalf of himself and wife Bridie 2016
service award to Colin



Ann Fisk with Trophy in memory of Nik 2014           Ted North - Berkhamsted 2013 winner


Colin & Margaret Nunn 2005 Winners                  Mary Martin Ass Centre Secretary 2012 Winner

                  Robin Brownsell 2015 Winner



                      Michael  McCurg - Expert  & Val Webb  Champion      Kyle Creevy - Junior Champion  2015



Tony Leishman - Over 40's Champion 2015                Greg Cox - Over 50's Champion 2015


Nigel Miller - Over 60's Champion 2015                             Tim Soane - Vale Webb Junior Champion 2015

2016 Kensworth Schoolboys 3rd in the Inter Club C-Ship