Trials Championship 2018 + Inter Club Trial Rules                                                                                                                                                                                               


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11.2.18.                   Wycombe                             (1,2,3)

25.2.18.                   Cambridge Matchless         (2,3)

24.3.18.                   Berkhamsted                       (5)

26.5.18.                  Berkhamsted                        (5)

1.7.18.                    Luton                                    (1,2,3,5)

7.7.18.                    Berkhamsted                        (5)

19.8.18.                  Hillingdon & Uxbridge         (1,2,3,5)

8.9.17.                    Berkhamsted                        (5)

16.9.18.                  Nene Valley                          (1,2,3,5)

4.11.18.                   Cambridge Matchless        (1)

17.11.18.                 Berkhamsted                      (5)

25.11.18.                 Kenton & Kingsbury          (1,2,3, Youth ABC Classes only)

Youth are allowed to ride whichever youth Class they wish out of class above and below and will be awarded championship points.  ACU ruling regarding bike engine size must be adhered to.



 Classes will be Expert, Intermediate and Novice, riding solo machines only. 

 The Championship will run from 1st January to 31st December, Expert Championship Trials must run under an Open Permit or above, a Centre Steward will be present. Intermediate and Novice Trial rounds may run on a Restricted Permit or above.

 All riders are eligible to ride, but to receive points they MUST be a full member of a South Midland Centre Club.

 Upgrading – Novice riders will be upgraded when they have won 3 best Novice awards in a Calendar year, they may continue to ride as a Novice for that year, but will be upgraded on the 1st January the following year, they may then ride the harder routes or continue on the easier middle route, they may no longer enter as a Novice.

 The winner of the Novice Championship will be upgraded on 1st January

 There will be no opportunity to downgrade to Novice.

 From 1st January 2013 the Intermediate and 50/50 Championships will be combined and renamed “The South Midland Centre Intermediate Championship”.  The winner of the Intermediate Championship may if they wish upgrade to Expert status, however, if they wish they may continue to contest the Intermediate Series, if they win this Championship for 3 consecutive years they can only then ride on a  "NO POINTS"  basis.  After a break of 1 year they may then contest the Championship again.

 Riders wishing to downgrade from Expert Status should apply to the Centre Trials Sub-Committee for approval.

All Adult Championships will drop one round from their final score, a minimum of 4 rides to be eligible for an award.

Youth Championship - ABC will drop two rounds from the final score, minimum of 4 rides to be eligible for an award.  Youth D and Electric Bikes will drop two rounds from the final score, minimum of 4 rides to be eligible for an award.

Points awarded 20 for 1


Trophies for the first three riders in each of the Championships.

Karen Southwood – S M Centre Trials Recorder

South Midland Centre ACU  Inter Club Trial Rules

The team trial will be run once a year by a different South Midland Centre Club.  The clubs will be invited to hold a round in alphabetical order as listed in the current ACU Handbook.

The date of the trial will be dependent on the available dates allocated to the organising Club at the relevant dates meeting and the venue will be a matter for the Club to decide. 

The format of the trial should include 4 routes and 40 sections minimum if possible.

Each South Midland Club will be invited to enter team/s comprising 3 riders and one observer/team manager.  Riders to be South Midland Centre residents.

Each team rider must ride in a class (ie Expert, Novice, Intermediate etc.) for which they are qualified within the South Midland Centre in that year and ride the appropriate route for that class.

Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish.  Each 3 man team will have one rider on any of the four routes, Expert/A Class (hard route); Intermediate on a 50/50 route; Novice, Clubmen, B Class, Pre 65 Hard on the middle route; Sportsman, Pre 65 Easy C Class on the easiest route.

The team observer will observe a section according to the instructions of the Clerk of the Course, each team will supply an observer, failure to provide one will incur a penalty of twenty marks 

Scoring will be as ACU Standing Regulations or any Supplementary Regulations which the Club may impose.

Any rider failing to finish the whole trial will be deemed to have collected ten marks per section unless they or another member of the team asks the remaining observers to give them a five.  It is the responsibility of the individual team to ensure the observer has marked the card accordingly.

The team result will be decided by where each team rider finishes on his route irrespective of what class he rides (ie the best rider on the day on any of the routes will be awarded one point, the second two points etc) the team with the lowest number of points will be declared the winner.

The winning team will be awarded the News of the World Trophy to be held for one year, plus trophies for each team member.